Givi Today

i. GIVI Asia success story begins 15 years ago. We are a joint venture with the founder GIVI, Italy.

ii. GIVI Asia is an established and reputable manufacturer and distributor of its well known GIVI brand across the globe for its wide range of high quality, reliable and durable motorcycle products.

iii. GIVI Asia is the regional headquarters for over 20 independent distributors in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand , Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.

iv. GIVI Asia is responsible for the coordination of GIVI’s organizational, service, training, information and distribution network to ensure GIVI’s high quality standards remain uncompromised anywhere in Asia.

v. GIVI Asia was awarded as one of E50 Award Winners, in Malaysia’s Enterprising Spirit in 2007.

vi. We have more than 100 dedicated and committed employees of various levels and professions.