A great adventure-touring helmet for everyone

Searching for a cool and good-looking adventure touring helmet without breaking your bank account? The GIVI X.01 Tourer is the right one for you.

As part of GIVI’s Head Protection System (HPS) range, the X.01 Tourer is designed with long-distance adventure riders in mind, where the route you travel may throw in a few surprises.

The above statement is not just a promotional blurb as we have personally encountered this during our GIVI Wilderness Adventure Ride in South Africa in 2015. The X.01 Tourer had just gone into production during that time and we were the testers.

The ride program had specified 90% tarmac riding with 10% off-roading, and the latter sections were supposed to be “easy.” It turned out otherwise. The farmers had dug up the dirt trails to expose the rocky bottom in readiness for the rains. However, the weather had become hotter than expected, turning the trails into mini sand dunes.

Riding became difficult as the fine dirt sucked down our bikes’ tyres. Visibility became limited as red dust flew up and hung in the air. However, the X.01 Tourer managed to keep the dirt out without causing us to choke or getting into our eyes.

This meant that the rubber seal around the helmet’s eyeport had done its job well.

Out on the open road, the helmet did not attempt to lift at high speeds. Instead it was super stable and did not wobble despite a number of us riding on enduro motorcycles without windshields.

It was also the standard issue for the next GIVI adventure in Colombia, South America in 2016, where it performed splendidly.

The X.01 Tourer’s polycarbonate shell is round-shaped, making it more suitable for Asian heads. Being round also means there is more space inside, hence minimizing the squeezing effect on the temples and cheeks.

In terms of comfort, the helmet’s interior padding is plush and conforms readily to your facial features. The fabric covering the padding wicks sweat quickly and is anti-microbial – important factors in our oven-like climate.

Talking about the heat, the X.01 Tourer’s vents truly work. The front vents on the chinbar admit large volumes of airflow while those on the crown of the helmet function as funnels to channel away hot, stale air from the interior.

The peak on top above the visor blocks out the sun’s glare and minimizes rain from hitting the visor directly. It also does a great job of directing windflow upwards to keep the helmet stable at high speeds.

The visor is clear and can accept a Pinlock anti-fog insert (included in the box). A drop-down sun visor is integrated into the helmet and a flick of the switch on the side of the helmet activates or retracts it quickly.

The X.01 Tourer is actually 2 helmets in 1. Removing the chin bar gives you an open-face helmet. The peak on top of the visor is also removable.

In conclusion, the GIVI X.01 Tourer ought to be your first choice for an adventure helmet. It conforms to the latest ECE 22.06 standard, had been extensively tested in the real world and passed with flying colours, has great features and most of all, comfortable for all-day riding even when the road you travel on turns to something you did not expect.

All this at just RM848.00 (Black Fluo and Yellow Fluo). Now that is what we called value for money.

Please visit your nearest GIVI Authorized Dealer to check it out.

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