3 - 7 OCTOBER 2017

The red explorer, GIVI’s very own tour bus has made a successful northern tour this past week. The tour went through several locations of the northern Malaysian peninsular: -

      1.      Modenas safety riding academy Mou Gurun, Kedah – 3rd October (Tuesday)

      2.      GIVI Point Penang box service day, Penang – 4th October (Wednesday)

      3.      Bikers gallery accessories box service day, Alor Setar, Kedah – 5th October (Thursday)

      4.      Santai Anak Utara 5.0 Sungai Petani, Kedah – 7th October (Saturday)

At Modenas factory in Gurun, we were invited to be part of the soon to be launched Modenas safety riding academy (MSRA). Together with few partners like kismec (kedah skill & management centre), jkjr, jpj and petron a full program will be developed targeting schools and industries to adopt safety riding amongst the motorcyclists.

Then we head to GIVI Point, Penang and bikers gallery, Alor setar to do box services to our loyal customers. Many were happy to receive some goodies while getting their boxes fixed and serviced.

Last tour of the north brought us to Sungai Petani where Santai Anak Utara 5.0 took place. The atmosphere was so surreal when over 30,000 over bikers congregate at the one-day event. Givi red explorer was located strategically besides the main stage. Givi contributed 10 full face helmets for the lucky draw. We met many new biker friends and the event was a sound success.

After the events, we have many requests from all over the country to visit their respective states. You can be sure that ‘the red explorer’ will tour the whole nation in coming months. See you when we are at your area!!