27 MAC – 07 APRIL 2018

Our showbus The Red Explorer has completed what could be the first service campaign tour for us at GIVI Malaysia. The showbus which include all our products display for outdoor events was brought along through state of Johor and a venue in Melaka for this first leg. As part our continuous effort to educate and appreciate our loyal customers and users, we have embarked into box service campaign. The services include changing of parts (normally locks and hinges), 

lubrications, change of rubber plates, change of internal rubber seals, checks on rack & brackets and lastly thorough clean plus exterior refurbishment.

Below were the venue location and dates we completed: - 

1) GIVI Point Johor Bahru  - Tuesday (27 Mac)

2) SML Motorcycle Sdn Bhd, Gelang Patah - Wednesday (28 Mac)

3) Hong Chen Motor, Simpang Renggam - Thursday (29 Mac)

4) Cub Prix, Tangkak  - Sat & Sun (31 Apr - 1 Apr)

5) Joo Heng Motor, Tangkak - Tuesday (03 Apr)

6) Kok Hwa Motor Sdn Bhd, Muar - Wednesday (04 Apr)

7) Akarjaya Motor Batu Pahat, Parit Jaya - Thursday (05 Apr)

8) Hong Cheng Motor, Pontian - Friday (06 Apr)

9) Zong Heng Motor, Melaka - Saturday (07 Apr)

By bringing their motorcycle and boxes for services, the users were also given goodies which include GIVI keychain, stickers, coinbox and Red Bull can drink as well. For purchase exceeding certain amount, GIVI hoodie light jacket (RJ12) was given complimentarily. Many fans and users came by to our spot just to get to know more about the brand and products.

As a result, we have had many requests via social media inviting The Red Explorer to drop by at their respective towns. In future, we are also planning to include helmet services as part of the campaign.

See you bikers at our next tour!!