13 MAY 2018

We have recently invited selected lucky users to participate in our first ever SunMoRi or Sunday Morning Ride. Although it was raining early in the morning, we had almost 50 motorcycles fitted with GIVI boxes turned up at starting point (BHP Gombak Toll). Some came as far as Johor, Kuantan and Ipoh. The destination chosen for our first SunMoRi ride was Route E8 0km which located just besides Karak Highway towards Kuantan. The weather was becoming clear and perfect for the ride once we started rolling at about 930am.

Upon reaching the venue, we had a little introduction on the day’s program and some even won in lucky draws. Soon after, brunch was served with ‘kampung style’ menu. The participants also had a chance to try their off-road skill at the Enduro Park and many had a blast trying their kapcai and even scooter in the river and mud.

The ride was meant to be a platform for group of GIVI users to interact in casual settings and give their inputs on the products they chosen. We hope to be able to conduct SunMoRi on monthly basis with bigger group and further distance rides!!