21- 22 JULY 2018

Historical City of Melaka has been chosen as the third round of Malaysian Cub Prix Championship 2018. Taking place at Jasin Bistari Park Melaka on 21- 22 July 2018, crowd of over 5000 came to give support to their favourite teams. 

For this round, other than displaying GIVI’s product such as rainsuits, boxes and t-shirts, we also sell our last rounds of limited edition Yuzy Racing Helmet. Even more special, Petronas also presented GIVI’s Limited Edition M50.2 TURISMO helmets for their Lucky Draw Giveaway. The appearance of Melaka Chapter Honda RS150 motorcycles with Givi logo livery on their bikes also has added attraction to our showbus, The Red Explorer.

On track, our team Yuzy Racing is still finding best solutions to their machine to beat the stronger Yamaha. Yuzy has promised to make best use of the equipment and resources this year to be more competitive as the races progress.

We hope next round of Cubprix in Temerloh, Pahang will be a better outing!

Hoping to see you guys there!!!!