18-19 AUGUST 2018

The famous Malaysian racing championship, CUBPRIX 2018 continued its 4th round at the Temerloh track last weekend.  Over 5000 Malaysian fans have joined in during the two days event and made the atmosphere a merrier celebration. 

Our presence in this cubprix matches, are merely to show our never ending support to the event.  It was a different situation at Pahang as we made the solo appearance for this season without our iconic, Red Explorer – GIVI show bus.  Still, we were able to pull a large crowd to our booth even without having our Red Explorer by our side. We managed to sell some of our clearance item such as Blackjack jacket and GIVI promotion t-shirt. 

On the other side, the championship itself was a challenging one this time. Despite a heavy downpour, our Yuzy Team still did their best in the slippery track. However, it was not a favourable match for them. It’s not the end yet. Let’s rock the next season of Cubprix at Teluk Intan!

See you guys there!!