Rules & Regulations

All GIVI products are covered by warranty for any material and manufacturing defects, which comes to light at the time of purchase, as provided by the law DL.n ¡ă 24 dated 2/2/2002 European Union Directive CEE 1999/44/CE.

Cover Provided by The Warranty Coverage

The cover provided by this warranty is valid for defects, within warranty period.

Exclusions and Limitations of The Coverage

This warranty only covers material and manufacturing defects and therefore excludes:

  • Damages caused by exposure to harmful chemical products.
  • Change in the material or in the colours as a consequence of prolonged and direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Damages and scratches caused by any kind of impact or abrasion.
  • Any modification or changes made to the item (by the user or by third parties).
  • Damages caused by improper or extreme usage of the product.

This guarantee is not valid if GIVI is not notified within two months from the date when the defect came to light and expires after twelve months from the date of purchase.


This guarantee is valid only under demonstration of the date of purchase of the product presenting the retailer¡¯s receipt or other proof of purchase. Claim should be strictly notified to the GIVI retailer by the purchaser accompanied by the proof of purchase; receipt from retailer or any other similar proof together with the info on from whom the products was initially purchased.